Calling 101 to report a non-urgent Police matter.

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Calling 101 to report a non-urgent Police matter.

We know that there are occasions when members of the public calling 101 for police support are not getting an answer.

Also when a call has been answered, the incident / request for service is not acknowledged or actioned.

From the period from 1st November up to and including the 30th November could anyone who calls 101 and does not get the call answered or acknowledged either:

1/ use the contact us facility on the web site giving a date and time when the problem occurred.

2/ e-mail Malpas Parish Council on giving a date and time when the problem occurred.

3/ e-mail to giving a date and time when the problem occurred.

In addition, could everyone make sure they report incidents when experienced, however minor they may seem or even if they think that it is something the Police should be dealing with.

It is imperative for the local parishes which make up the south Cheshire Wards have the police service they require, and this will only be maintained if there are sufficient reports being recorded on the 101 service.

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