Malpas Parish Council's Chairman's Notes — September 2016

Malpas Alport Primary School.
Planning application 16/03734/FUL has been received by Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council, for the demolition of the redundant School House and the construction of a new detached building, expansion of the existing car park, minor extension and alterations to the existing school building at Malpas Alport Primary School, Chester Road, Malpas.
Further details may be seen on the Borough Council website, and comments for and against can be submitted there, or in writing to the Borough Council. Comments need to be submitted to the Borough Council by 29 September 2016.

In support of the application, made by Cheshire West & Chester Borough Council, they claim "Malpas Alport Endowed Primary School requires additional classroom space in line with the growing demand for school places in the community.

Due to the challenging site and topography, the most practical positioning for the new building is in the same location as the former School House.

This has fallen into disrepair through being vacant for a number of neglectful years. It has not been deemed practical to retain nor modify this building due to its impractical layout and scale. As such, a replacement structure is proposed to meet the requirements and standards for modern teaching accommodation."

I consider this to be a major development for Malpas, and as such I have exercised my prerogative as Chairman to call an extraordinary Parish Council meeting to consider it.

The meeting will be in room 3 of the Jubilee Hall on Monday October 3 at 7pm.
Anyone with an interest in this -- residents of the parish of Malpas, parents, School governors and Trustees, anyone who works at the school -- is welcome to come along.
The meeting will be in three parts, firstly an account of what is planned, secondly a public discussion and thirdly Malpas Parish Council will decide its views of the application -- points for and against it, and lastly a recommendation to Cheshire West & Chester Council.

I am delighted to report that one of the two vacancies on the council has been filled. Mrs Sarah Thomas from St George's Rise was co-opted at our monthly meeting on September 12.
I contacted her as she was the first runner-up in the full Parish Council election last year, and seemed a most appropriate person to be on the council, and was very glad that my colleagues agreed with me!
She can be contacted on
We hope to co-opt someone to fill the other vacancy at our next monthly meeting on Monday October 10 at 7pm in the Jubilee Hall, Malpas. Anyone wishing to apply should contact The Clerk, Mrs Ruth Shackleton, Broselake Cottage, Greenway Lane, Malpas, SY14 8DE, Telephone 01948 861353 or email

Bovis Development
I am greatly indebted to my Vice-Chair Cllr Carol Broad, who does work extremely hard on the Council, her main interests being planning and housing.
To this end she has tended to be our link with Bovis who are currently building 137 houses on the site between Chester Road and Well Meadow.
I am grateful to her for Chairing the July meeting of the Council, and for Chairing a meeting between Bovis, residents concerned about nuisance caused by the development, and Mr Mike Allard, a Senior Planning Officer of Cheshire West & Chester Borough Council.
He said that Bovis had been found to be doing work outside the hours which they should have been working, and had been served an official enforcement notice.
They will be subject to unannounced visits. If they break the conditions again, they could be fined or even told to stop working. If people are concerned at them working outside their permitted hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday inclusive, they should photograph or video it as proof. It is also recommended that people should record excessive noise, swearing, pop music etc.
For further information, Cllr Broad can be contacted on

Cheshire West & Chester Borough(CW&C)
Another person who works tirelessly on behalf of the community is our Borough Councillor, Chris Whitehurst who also is a Malpas Parish Councillor. He was slightly late for our meeting this month, having rushed straight from a Local Plan Working Group Meeting in Chester to discuss the Alternative Energy Policies.
He reported back on issues raised at the monthly surgery which is 10am-12noon on the first Saturday of the month.
He has dealt with the issue of speeding in Wrexham Road.
An explanation was given to 3 residents of measures the Parish Council has already undertaken, and also the ongoing actions by the Police Force.

Ruth and Chris have been liaising with CWaC to help them set up a Community Speed Watch initiative on Church Street/Wrexham Road.
At least 5 residents have already expressed interest in getting involved.
A Speeding Action Information sheet has been provided and Graham Lowe is currently gathering vehicle volumes and speed data.
Chris has made contact with Dave Reeves who manages Community Speed Watches.
He will supply the equipment and train individuals. He has suggested that we co-ordinated efforts with a Cuddington Group and Threapwood

Parish Council who are also expressing concerns about speeding on Wrexham Road. It is hoped to arrange an initial meeting in the next 2-3 weeks.
Our PCSO Jon Hurst has also pledged practical support for the initiative. If successful Chris would be looking on how we replicate the initiative on the other 4 village access roads.

Christmas Celebrations
Another person I am most thankful to is Cllr Martin Shackleton, for all the work he does on organising Christmas lights, Christmas Fair etc.
This year the event will be on Saturday November 26. Make a note in your diaries now!

Volunteer Co-ordination
Another date to look forward to is a meeting of voluntary organisation in Malpas on October 20. Hopefully we can help them find the volunteers they so desperately need!

Malpas Parish Council is going to investigate the possibility of sharing a community mini-bus, as transport is another problem many of these groups face.

We are receiving a lot of complaints about the parking enforcements. Some are saying they are not being enforced strictly enough, while others say they are being enforced too strictly! There will soon be a "blitz" on people parking on the High Street/ Chester Road junction. You have been warned! Stay within the box! Incidentally at least one person booked for illegal parking has managed to successfully appeal the fine!

Operation Shield.
Malpas Parish Council has agreed to fund a method of securing every property in the parish, reducing the risk of theft, and possibly reducing insurance premiums. The scheme will cost £10 per property, making a total of just under £10,000 for the just under 1,000 properties in the parish.