Firefighter from Malpas given medal for 20 years exemplary service

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Firefighter from Malpas given medal for 20 years exemplary service

An on-call firefighter from Malpas has been presented with a medal for 20 years exemplary service during a ceremony at Eaton Estate, Chester.

Firefighter Margot Davies lives and works as an on-call firefighter at Malpas Fire Station and was presented with The Long Service Good Conduct Medal which celebrates those members of the Fire and Rescue Service who have completed 20 exemplary service.

Margot was presented with her medal, along with colleagues also receiving the award, by Cheshire's Lord Lieutenant David Briggs at an awards evening in the Wolf Room on Eaton Park, Eaton Estate, on March 21 2017.

"The Fire Service Long Service and Good Conduct Medal is issued by Royal Warrant, and I was therefore honoured to make the award on behalf of Her Majesty.

I extend my sincere congratulations to all medal and award recipients on their long and exemplary service.

The job they do requires humility and respect often delivered under arduous conditions. Theirs is a special job, a vocation for which they have been deservedly honoured." said the Lord Lieutenant.

Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock added: "The special awards were presented to individuals who have served for 20 years and who have, in that time, shown exemplary behaviour.

I would like to congratulate everyone who received a medal and an award which is a great honour, and thank them for their dedication to the Service, especially one individual who have worked tirelessly for the organisation for 40."

During her career Margot has attended a number of complex and interesting incidents, one of which was the 2011 fire at Peckforton Castle.

She also believes the Service is becoming more equal, with more women being encouraged to join, a big difference from when she joined in 1996 when there was just herself and another female firefighter on the crew.

Margot has a son Giles who works alongside her at Malpas Fire Station and is known as Neehah Nanny by her gradson.

Margot's son was there to see her be presented with her award. Dignitaries, principal officers and members of the Cheshire Fire Authority also attended.

Dating back over 60 years, the medal was instigated by the then Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, who supported an award for Fire and Rescue Service personnel who had successfully completed twenty years service.

A Royal Warrant was approved by Her Majesty the Queen and an announcement was made in the House of Commons by Winston Churchill on June 1st 1954, accompanied by a White Paper giving the terms of the Warrant.

The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal is hand-stamped with the recipient's name and awarded to those individuals who have completed twenty years' exemplary service.