It's Time to Make your Metals Matter

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It's Time to Make your Metals Matter

Over 190 million cans, foil trays and aerosols are used per year across West Cheshire and the Council are launching a new campaign to make sure every last one makes it into a grey recycling box. *

Cheshire West and Chester Council has teamed up with the metal packaging manufacturing industry to launch the 'Make your metals matter' campaign which will reach all 160,000 households across the borough.

The campaign will include leaflets sent to every home, bus shelter advertising, roadshows for residents and will be supported with a local radio campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to remind residents to recycle all of the metal packaging found around their home, including

  • Drink cans
  • Foil trays
  • Empty aerosols
  • Metal screw tops
  • Wrapping foil

If all of the metal packaging used in West Cheshire homes each year was collected for recycling it would save around 5,136 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to taking over 1,092 cars off the local streets for a year. **

Used metal packaging can be recycled into new products at a far lower cost to the environment than making them from raw materials.

Making drinks cans from recycled material saves up to 95 per cent of the energy, and greenhouse gas emissions needed to make both aluminium and steel from raw materials.

What's more, every time metal passes through the recycling loop the benefits are repeated, again and again and again.

The idea is to encourage residents to think about metal packaging found throughout their home, not just in the kitchen but in the bathroom and bedroom. Food and drink cans, foil and empty aerosols are all easily and endlessly recyclable.

Don't forget every can recycled saves enough energy to run a TV for four hours, so a small action like putting your empty bean tin into your grey recycling box can make a big difference

For details of MetalMatters campaigns and case studies visit

* Number of packaging items is based on: 600 food tins, 380 drinks cans. 182 foil trays and 27 empty aerosols thrown out by an average household annually (1189 items), multiplied by approx. number of households 160,000 in Cheshire West and Chester.

**CO2 equivalence based on: The average household consumption of steel and aluminium packaging across 160,000 households in Cheshire West and Chester, the CO2 saving if this entire quantity was recycled and the average emission of CO2 from a standard car per annum. Actual calculations are available from Alupro (contact above).