Launch of 'Your Voice Matters' - Residents' Survey 2017.

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Launch of 'Your Voice Matters' — Residents' Survey 2017.

Cheshire West

Summary: '
Your Voice Matters' provides an opportunity to ask residents about their views and perceptions of Cheshire West and Chester Council, and the performance of the local authority.

Cheshire West and Chester's Council Plan: Helping the Borough Thrive contains ten priority outcomes that the Council is working towards over the next four years.
For each of the 10 priorities, a separate plan was developed to provide further detail on the actions required and performance indicators that will enable the Council to assess whether it is achieving its goals.

A large aspect of monitoring these plans is evaluating the views and perceptions of local residents regarding the performance of the Council. Therefore, it was decided that a comprehensive research project — a postal survey titled: 'Your Voice Matters', should be conducted to measure resident satisfaction, and provide more detailed information on residents' perceptions.

'Your Voice Matters' will gather residents' views on areas of Council performance. This research exercise will be a valuable baseline to gauge where residents' perceive the Council as performing well, and will identify areas that the Council needs to improve upon.

The results of the survey will inform the Council's key decisions, strategies and services, ensuring that the organisation is responsive to residents' priorities.

Content, communication and awareness
The methodology used will be a postal survey which will provide statistically significant results at a locality level.

As around 25 per cent of surveys will be returned and 1,000 results are required for statistical validity in each locality area, copies of the survey will be distributed to a random sample of households in the borough.

Links to business survey
The Council is also undertaking a business survey, which aims to help assess business health, identify opportunities for growth and investment and to understand any barriers local companies might be facing.
It will look at key business elements such as workforce and training issues, business planning, environment and issues specific to the local area.

Results from this survey will complement the residents' survey to provide a more comprehensive picture of how services are performing.
Survey timeline and next steps

It is proposed that the survey will be issued to residents on Saturday 28 January, and will be open until Monday 27 February.

The results of Your Voice Matters will be available at a headline level in April, and in the summer the results will be posted to all households which complete the survey.

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