Obtaining Affordable Rented Housing in Malpas

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Obtaining Affordable Rented Housing in Malpas

There are some 65 affordable homes yet to be built in Malpas. Cheshire West and Chester Council will be using West Cheshire Homes Limited to manage the allocation of the rental properties to individuals under an adopted Housing Allocations policy.

What is Affordable Housing?
Affordable housing is for households who are unable to afford to buy or rent a market property. There are currently four different types:

Social rent — existing Council or Housing Association rented property
Affordable rent — new rented properties at a maximum 80% of market rents.
Discount for Sale — new homes for sale at a reduced value
Shared ownership — part buy, part rent from a Housing Association.

West Cheshire Homes Housing Allocations Policy:
(Reviewed July 2014)
This is a 35 Page document that contains the rules and guidelines on how affordable rental homes are allocated to people. A copy of this document can be obtained from the following web site:

The West Cheshire Homes Allocations Policy has recently been reviewed and consultation undertaken on a number of changes including enabling a wider range of households to join the register who previously were ineligible. The new policy will be adopted in the New Year.

How Can I get an Affordable Home?
If you are interested in obtaining a rented affordable property and think you are eligible under the Housing Allocations Policy, then you need to register now with West Cheshire Homes at the following web site:
or call telephone number: 0300 123 2442

For enquiries about purchasing an affordable home please contact the site office or the Affordable Housing Team at the Council:
or call 0151 356 6410

Allocation Myths
There are a number of common myths around the allocation of affordable houses in Malpas which have caused confusion and divisions within our community*. Allocations for affordable rented accommodation are made to households who meet the eligibility criteria and are prioritised to those in greatest housing need in accordance with the Allocations Policy.

I have a right to be housed in Malpas in affordable housing, because I live in privately rented housing currently.
To be eligible for affordable rented homes, households must be in housing need. You must be able to demonstrate that you cannot afford your private rental home, you are overcrowded or the property is in serious disrepair which your landlord is not addressing. Often people who are in private rented accommodation are deemed by West Cheshire Homes to be adequately housed.

Single people or a couple with no children are eligible for a 3 bedroom house.
Fact: Households are given priority according to their housing need, so it is unlikely a single person or couple who only require one bedroom would be allocated a 3 bedroom property unless there were exceptional circumstances.

Priority is given to those individuals who have been born in the village
Priority for affordable rent properties is given to those who have a local connection. Local connection means that you currently live in the ward and have done so for at least 2 years; or have a close family connection (mother, father, brother, sister, children) who have lived in the ward for at least 5 years or you work in the ward.

At a Pre-tenancy assessment meeting with a Housing Association you are offered / guaranteed a home.
Fact: The meeting is an opportunity for the applicant and registered provider to ask questions to determine suitability for allocation. It should not be assumed that if you attend such a meeting that you will get a property.

If you wish to discuss any of this information further please contact either:

Councillor Chris Whitehurst on 01948 86033 or
Councillor Carol Broad on 01948 860777.

* Please note that specific rumours and/or allegations directed against individuals may be regarded as ant-social behaviour or hate crimes in their own right, which could affect the originators ability to secure an affordable home in the future.