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Pink Poo Campaign

The aim of a Pink Poo campaign is for local communities to highlight exactly how bad the problem of dog fouling is in a particular area and to embarrass irresponsible dog owners by spraying sighted incidents of dog fouling with pink paint.

If everyone can see how bad the problem is then dog owners should be encouraged to pick up the poo and not leave it behind in the future.

The law
The Cheshire West and Chester Council (Fouling of Land by Dogs)(General) Order 2012 makes it an offence not to remove any faeces deposited by your dog.
This removal must be done without delay.
The Order applies to all land in the Borough which is open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access, whether or not warning signs are displayed.

The exception to this is Forestry Commission land or other land where the owner has given permission that faeces need not be removed.
In addition, the Order does not apply to blind persons and those with other trained assistance dogs for specific disabilities.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of £1,000.
An offender may be given the option of paying a £50 fixed penalty notice within 14 days to avoid prosecution and a subsequent criminal record, if found guilty.

Apart from the legal consequences of dog fouling, there are health implications. Symptoms vary but, in severe cases, partial or total loss of sight may occur or Toxocariasis which is caused by worm eggs being ingested.

Getting dog mess into wounds may also cause infections. Another danger is people being injured by slipping on dog mess.

Cleaning up after your dog
It is important when cleaning up after your dog to:

  • if you walk your dog always carry the means to clear up after your dog — a simple plastic bag will do the trick or obtain poop scoops from the council or a local pet shop
  • dispose of the bag correctly by either using a dog waste or litter bin or taking it home and placing it, suitably wrapped, in your own refuse bin
  • do not dump the bag in a hedge or elsewhere as this is littering which carries the same penalty as dog fouling
  • if you have a garden encourage the dog to 'go' there, you can then bury the mess or alternatively clean it up and bin it
  • never let your dog out alone to 'go to the loo'

The Council provides, free of charge, small quantities of bio-degradable poop-scoop bags to dog owners who call into main reception at the Forum offices.

Always clean up after your dog and worm your dog regularly. Vets normally advise worming dogs every three to four months. Also children should be taught basic hygiene and to not let dogs lick their faces.

It is every dog owner's duty to clean up after their dog. There are no excuses, fouling is unacceptable.