Public Health Wellbeing Service Consultation

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Public Health Wellbeing Service Consultation

Cheshire West and Chester Council is launching a public consultation on proposals for Public Services Wellbeing Services on 24 March 2017.

The Council proposes to deliver Public Health Wellbeing services in one integrated Public Health contract.

This would offer residents a single front door to Public Health Wellbeing services with a preventative focus and access to specialist clinical and support services as required.

Most significantly, it gives people the opportunity to have a comprehensive assessment of their health and lifestyle needs, and access the right services at the right time.

The Council wants to hear public and stakeholder views to help ensure that the money available is spent on services that best meet the needs of our residents.

Currently Public Health Wellbeing services are provided under separate contracts as follows:

 Sexual Health — This service provides testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and safe sex advice. This is delivered through a mix of clinics and also outreach sessions. Some of these services are also provided through Community Pharmacies and GP practices.

 Substance Misuse — This service provides treatment, advice and recovery support for those experiencing problems in relation to drug or alcohol use. Some of the services are provided through Community Pharmacies, such as needle exchange.

 Integrated Wellbeing Service — This delivers smoking cessation services, weight management for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 25, exercise on referral from a GP for people with specific health risks and over 75s exercise for free.

 NHS Health Checks — this is a health MOT for eligible individuals aged 40-74 and is provided currently through GP practices.
Adult Public Health services are funded from the ring-fenced Public Health grant received by the Council.

By 2020, this will have reduced by £2.6m per annum. The 2016-17 Council budget for the services provided across the borough included in this consultation is £7.852m.

Following the Let's Talk public consultation on the Council's budget and plan for 2016-2020, it is proposed that by 2020 the maximum budget will be £5.819m, a reduction of £2.033m for these services.

Therefore the proposal to deliver a combined service will need to bring reductions in costs, such as efficiencies in management overheads, changes in services offered and how they are of delivered.

Consultation Process
1. Stakeholder workshops
These have been scheduled across the borough to provide an opportunity for partners and stakeholders (eg voluntary sector, NHS, Police) to discuss proposals for the services and meet with the commissioning officer.

2. Online Questionnaire
This will be publicly available to all residents from 24 March on the Council's website.

3. Paper Questionnaire
This will be available at various venues across the borough (eg leisure centres, GP practices) including at locations where current services are provided. Paper questionnaires will also be available on request.

For information on the consultation process please email:

Next Steps
The consultation closes on 25 June 2017. The consultation report will be publicly available and will also be presented to the Council's People Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Findings from the consultation will directly inform the design of the model that is developed for a Public Health Wellbeing Service. Cabinet will be asked to approve the commencement of the procurement process before the future model is commissioned.

A Cross Party Members group has been established to oversee the commissioning process.