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Speeding in Malpas

Speeding Traffic in Malpas Village is a daily occurrence.
Complaints of vehicles speeding are regularly raised with the Parish Council in their monthly surgeries.

With the problems getting steadily worse as the village and the surrounding hamlets grow, the Parish Council has engaged Cheshire West and Chester Council Highways department to undertake a number of surveys.

Traffic volume and speed counts have been conducted on all roads into the village, which has illustrated a minimum of 70% of all vehicles entering or leaving the village, are exceeding the speed limits.

Action being taken:
After exploratory discussions with Ward Councillor Chris Whitehurst, and Parish Councillor, Katie Norris, a number of Church Street residents have decided to take action and have formed a Community Speed Watch Group.

Some preliminary work in the form of asking local people to sign up to the Road Safe Pledge scheme has taken place. This was followed by training sessions run by Cheshire West Council on the use of the Speed Indicator equipment, and a subsequent programme of speed checks have been instigated.

Drivers (or some of them) may have noticed that throughout March, members of the Church Street Community Speed watch standing out in all weathers with the Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Some drivers on seeing the speed they are travelling at, immediately slow down, acknowledging that they are exceeding the limit and then quickly adjusting their driving accordingly.

This is perhaps a clear indication that their thoughts are elsewhere and not totally focused on their driving and the potential local hazards and risks.

Regrettable there is another section of community drivers that have ignored the signage and even sped up, by way of demonstrating disregard for the residents trying to highlight the issue. (You know who you are!!!)

Overall the SID activity indicated that 55% of cars were traveling at 30 or under, and 45% were exceeding the speed limit.

Summary and Observations:
In the 18 sessions conducted by the Speed watch team, 1810 cars were recorded by the SID equipment.
In total, just over half the cars (53%) were travelling below 30mph
1 in 4 (25%) were travelling at over 35mph
1 in 10 (10%) were travelling over 40mph.

At Sunnyside at least 15 cars travelling out of the village were off the equipment's measured scale
The locations at Sunnyside were recorded has having the highest percentage of speeding traffic with 3 out of 4 drivers (both directions) travelling over 30mph.

Rain slows the traffic considerably
Parked cars also slow the traffic down, as seen by the Doctors' Surgery on Old Hall Street and the length of road approaching Sunnyside.

Next Steps:
The data gathered has been communicated to the Police, who have promised to conduct some enforcement sessions. The understanding is that we have already seen some of this taking place on Chester Road in the last two-three weeks, and further action is planned.

There is a clear indication is that this initial SID exercise is starting to have the desired result, and as a consequence the Community Speed Watch team are planning further sessions in future; some of these being in conjunction with Cuddington and Threapwood Parish representatives.

The plan is to also to move on to the use of calibrated speed recording guns and capture registration numbers of drivers breaking the limits.

We would urge all drivers to sign up to the Road Safe pledge and respect the village speed limits, before some individual is seriously injured or worse still.

Slowing down will only add seconds to your overall journey time, but it will make a huge difference to road safety for traffic and pedestrians in our village.
Please let's all continue to work together to improve the safety of our local roads.