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Weather Update

Today's snow event is far from what was envisaged only 36 hours ago when it looked as if much of the Northwest (Lancashire southwards) was going to experience a period of disruptive snow today.

What transpired is that the successive forecast runs from Friday afternoon began to show a trend to nudge the main band of snow every slightly southwards, so that come the event today it is really only Cheshire which is going to see any proper snow at all.

Merseyside and Greater Manchester may catch a few flurries with perhaps a dusting of snow in places, especially towards the Cheshire border, but causing no issues.

The amber snow warning has been revised slightly (northern boundary pulled further S into Cheshire) and is attached above.

During the rest of today further spells of light to moderate snow will affect Cheshire with the highest risk of disruption to transport in the south of the county.

Overall accumulations there will be in the range 2 to 8cm, the largest accumulations occurring in the south of the county but also possibly on the higher ground in the far east.

It is just possible that the odd location could record as much as 10cm.

Potential issues for road and rail transport, more especially in the south of the county. At the higher end of the snow accumulations range untreated roads could become difficult to negotiate.

This evening the snow will peter out and then with skies tending to clear from the north it's a very cold night with a widespread frost right across the Northwest with lying snow and ice the main issues across Cheshire.

Temperatures particularly over the Cheshire snow cover could drop in to the -5C to -10C range so potentially a severe frost with temperatures struggling tomorrow to get much above zero Celsius and lying snow thawing only very slowly (or barely at all in shelter from the sunshine).

Any melted snow is liable to freeze quickly after sunset tomorrow afternoon.

The new working week starts very cold and fine with another severe frost likely tomorrow night (-5C to -10C in places, especially where snow cover lingers) after a fine but very cold day.

Later on Tuesday and into Wednesday a less cold interlude will develop with some rain and a proper thaw of lying snow.
A return to colder conditions is likely towards the end of the week but more on that later.

That covers the main points as they currently stand.

A further update on the cold temperatures and outlook for the rest of the week will be issued tomorrow morning.

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