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Malpas CAN (Climate Action Now)

Malpas Parish Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is pulling together plans to do our bit for saving the planet.

They are starting with the organisation of an exhibition of some of the initiatives available to tackle climate change. This will take place in the Jubilee Hall, Malpas between 10:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday 20th November.

It is expected that some 10-12 stands from local businesses and voluntary sector organisations covering a range of issues related to climate change and living more sustainably will be present.

Invitations to the event will delivered to all the properties in the village by Councillors.

Refreshments will be provided for visitors to the event.

Pollution from Motor Vehicles
One of the biggest polluters in or village environment is the motor vehicle. Switching off your engine when you are not travelling can make a significant difference over time.

Our trees that play a vital role in helping to absorb carbon emissions are under threat from old age, disease, and developers building on green fields.

The Malpas and Overton Neighbour Plan and the Cheshire West Local Plan Part 2 both contain references that when trees are removed they should be replaced on a two for one basis.

However, when you cut down a two-three hundred year old tree, planting two sampling replacements will generate little by the way of benefit for the next six generations of residents.

The Parish Council has already planted 100 new trees in the local area, and will be doing more in the near future.


Hedges are just as important as trees; not only for absorbing carbon, but also for our wildlife.

As a nation we have this obsession of cutting them each year to make the roadside look neat and tidy.

Hedges do need to be managed, and cutting them on roadsides where vehicle visibility is restricted is acceptable, but there is little reason why hedges need to be cut annually in other places and in particular where they are part of land locked fields.

Doing that has an impact on wildlife and costs our farmers unnecessary time and money.

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