Martin Shackleton


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My name is Martin Shackleton, I am forty two years old and own The Dry Cleaning Company situated on Malpas High Street. I have worked in Malpas for the past 8 years, resided here for the last 6 and joined the Parish Council this year.

I grew up in Yorkshire experiencing city and rural environments and enjoying both equally. Henry, my lion dog, ensures I spend many hours appreciating the countryside surrounding Malpas and believe that although Malpas must grow and evolve as a community it should not be at the expense of losing its rural identity completely.

With residing and running a business in the heart of Malpas I get to see a lot of different aspects of village life. In addition I see residents from all walks of life come into the shop all of which have different personal views and concerns about Malpas, its surrounding area and the impact different developments may have on them. I regularly assist the promotion of local events and this year initiated the first Malpas Scarecrow Trail.
The Dry Cleaning Company