George Mifsud

George MiFsud

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Born in Salford in the mid-60's, I moved into Malpas last year.

A serving member of the Royal Air Force, I joined the RAF as a 16 year old boy in February 1984 and worked through the ranks to a Commission in March 2015.

Married to Sue for over 30 years, we have a son, Nick, who lives with his girlfriend in Huddersfield (West Yorkshire).

Having lived all over the world during the past 35 years, including China, Ukraine, Cyprus, Belgium and the States we have decided that Malpas is where we want to end up retiring in a few years' time.

To that end, I joined the Parish Council in May 2019 to have an input and gain a better understanding of the local area and community that I now call home.

My interests are football (more as a spectator these days), Squash and I do force myself to go for a short run every once in a while.

During my tenure as Parish Councillor, I will listen attentively to all sides and work to the best of my ability to make Malpas and the surrounding areas a better place to live for all.