An Ode to Malpas

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Church Street (2)

My name is now Malpas as you may know
I was born as Depenbech in a deep valley many centuries ago

  • I sit atop of the southern end of the Sandstone ridge
    Overlooking the Dee Valley and the Sealand inverted Y Bridge

  • A hill top stop on Watling Street when Rome was strong
    I became a fort to keep out the Welsh when the Normans came along.

  • I was once recognised by a King past as a busy market place.
    Main Road, Canal and Rail passing me by, providing a haven from life's crazy race

  • I was cavalier at the time of civil unrest.
    When life was simple, those first few years were arguable the best.

  • I eat Cheshire Cheese and consume the 3 pub's wine
    I am perceived to be wealthy and poor all at the same time

  • My pets are horses, pigeons and porkers
    My fields and footpaths covered with Dog walkers

  • My skirts edge is embedded with memories of Yesteryears
    I have riding stables coming out of my ears

  • Alas my world is changing as humans flood in
    My streets have become crowded and full of din

  • I still welcome children of all ages from everywhere
    but have no bus or train to actually get there

  • Weekly I still play St Oswald's Bells
    As our new rector with weddings and funerals excels

  • Arteries blocked with large tractors, builders lorries and 4 X 4s
    As the new town fills up with many more doors

  • My colour was black, white and green, albeit now arguably dead
    As our village is filled up with terracotta red

  • No Highway Code rules here, so tempers get frayed
    Some older residents still glad they stayed.

  • Generally safe and secure in our country lanes.
    I'm glad I'm alive watching over the Shropshire plains

  • I live in hope for harmony and a life that was simple and plain.
    But that age has gone and will be never again