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The Parish Council has begun holding regular meetings with the developers Bovis homes, the whole aim of the meetings is to discuss any concerns we have as a village, iron out any difficulties and get them addressed as soon as possible. In turn the developers aim to keep the village fully informed of their plans and update us on progress so far.

Given this is the largest development the village has ever seen and the site was the subject of an intensely fought campaign to prevent the land being granted planning permission, the editorial team feel it is only right that key points from these meetings are included in this site.

We will keep residents up to date with the progress so far, what things the village can expect to see over the next few weeks and if there is any news regarding this development it will posted here.

Latest Update — 12th September 2016

  • Reserved Matters Planning permission has has been issued on Condition 17 (Drainage).
  • The development site is being marketed as Hampton Lea. However, the final street names have been proposed by the Parish Council and will reflect the character and historic landscape of the village.
  • Work should not be starting till 8:00 am although workers will be on site from approximately 7:30 am conducting compulsory safety checks and machine maintenance. Bovis have been reminded of this agreement as some residents have stated that they are starting work earlier.
  • Temporary Sunday working was only granted for work on House 1. Further Sunday work will only permitted by Cheshire West Council on a qualified need. However, recently we have some Sunday working on the diversion of the Gas Main by British Gas Contractors (Sadly a Law unto themselves) Work on the Gas Main has now been completed.
  • Vehicles obstructing the highway/footpath have been an issue and the Parish Council and Bovis Homes are working to resolve this situation. They should not be blocking the footpath on Chester Road.
    An extension of the site road way and installation of main drains is currently under construction. When this has been finished a workers compound will be built towards near to the bottom end of Well Street, and traffic congestion on Chester Road will be reduced.

Summary of recent activities on Site
A new site manager has been appointed.
Phase 1 houses now to roof level, Chimney on house 2 still to be added.
Slabs completed to the corner at the end of the Phase 1 plots.

Progress of Section 278 Works (highways) and Bus Shelter:
Work on pavements not yet started.
Negotiations about Bus Shelter still ongoing.

Delivery Times:
The site notice board has been identified as containing wrong information about delivery times. This will be amended.

Broselake Cottage is up for sale and the occupier has requested that a fence be erected around the property to screen the development work. This will be done when the works progress down the site to that area. Outstanding at this time.

Confirmation has been received that no sewerage drains have been damaged. Smell associated stagnant water following barrier erection at the bottom of the site where wet marshy ground exists.

Site Visit:
A site visit was made by the Parish Council and the Cheshire West Planning Officer to investigate the possibility of a road being unearthed at the bottom of Well Street.
Pictures were taken and Mark Leah (CWaC Archaeologist) was consulted. Feedback confirmed that the remains are unlikely to be Roman , and could possible be backfill associated with the installation of the Gas Main in the 1970's. Pictures and location to be added to the Project File.

An issue has been raised with regard to the recent complaints of foul language and vehicular activities.

The site Project Manager has confirmed that Bovis operate a zero tolerance attitude in terms of foul language to site.
They are aware of the close proximity of residents to the site, and as such workers are reminded on a regular basis about their zero tolerance policy. The complaints have been forwarded to the Area Build Manager who will reiterate this to the build team. Any repeated offences will be dealt with accordingly.

It has also been confirmed that all site vehicles, i.e. diggers, forks etc. have their speed restricted to the speed limits on site, therefore making it impossible for them to be going any quicker. They will have to travel around the site to enable works to be carried out and materials positioned in the right location.

There are reports of vehicles sounding their horns, and the continual noise of reversing sirens (which beep) These are essential safety features, both signals being used in a cautionary way to alert surrounding workers of their presence.

Next 4 Weeks of Development:
Work to continue on the Phase 1 Housing.
Also the work on the road construction and drainage system.

Bovis road 21

if residents have any specific comments or concerns they wish to raise please contact the Parish Council.

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