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Bishop Heber High School is a comprehensive secondary school in Malpas, Cheshire. The school is named after Reginald Heber (April 21, 1783 — April 3, 1826), who was an English bishop born in Malpas and is now remembered chiefly as a hymn-writer.

The school was rated outstanding in the 2011 Ofsted inspection.1

The school's academic and sporting record is consistently high. As an International Languages College, students learn a wide range of languages which underpin the international ethos of the school.

Students are offered a variety of sporting, drama and musical opportunities, as well as an extensive trips and visits programme. This supports, extends and enriches the curriculum provision.

The school sets out to meet the need of all students through individual support and out-of-hours learning activities. The emphasis being that students are ready to accomplish: 'Prêt d'accomplir'.

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