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Sean Davies

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My name is Sean Davies & I was born at the Eleventh Hour of England's World Cup Year at The Chester Royal Infirmary, within the walls of Chester (I'm unsure if this makes me a true Cestrian) 

I left Cheshire when I was 16, as there was high unemployment in Cheshire & I went to live with my father in Cambridge, where I was to become an Aircraft Engineer, under an Apprenticeship. 

I passed all the tests, but when I divulged I had asthma, they couldn't offer me the Apprenticeship. Eventually, I returned to Cheshire & attended the West Cheshire College, studying Sports Studies & Psychology.

I was an avid Footballer & Played for Christleton, Upton, Deva Social, The Countess, Duddon & Bromfield Vics.

I Eventually decided on pursuing a life in Restaurants & Bars, Running a Nightclub Bar, then becoming a Freelance Manager, covering Illness etc, for Wolverhampton & Dudley brewery. 

I then met my Wife & we firstly became Stewards of a Golf club in Herefordshire & Eventually our own Pub around the Shropshire, Worcester Border.

I then moved to Cambridge & became a postman, but was struck down with a big M.S Attack in 2008 that was treated with Steroids, that I believe induced my Avascular Necrosis, which was diagnosed a year later. 

Since becoming Disabled, I have represented the England Disabled Golf Society v the Scottish, but unfortunately this is no longer physically possible & have I've not been able to play since 2016.

It is in 2019, that Malpas became my Refuge, my physicality deteriorating to the point of my needing family close & so I moved here, into your community. 

I was so warmly welcomed & I had missed the community spirit, so often depleted in the bigger cities. Everybody knows each other by name & through many generations. 

We were then locked down because of Covid. The Malpas Community reacted with exemplary swiftness & made sure the Old, Disabled & Vulnerable were well catered for in every aspect. It really was a superb response by all.

So I felt like I owe the Ward a big thank you & found that there were elections for the Parish Council, which I was duly elected to. 

I have Physical limitations, but keep my Eyes Open & my Ears to the Ground on Current Affairs & find that Scepticism, Information & being able to separate the Wheat from the Chaff in this era of misinformation, are now becoming a talent. 

I've lived around the country & have a vast experience of Life & I hope & wish to help the Parish going forward into the Future.

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