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Walk Number 3

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Cross o' th' Hill

A circular route, uphill and through the fields to the east of the town from Malpas Cross.
A walk of approximately 1 ¾ – 2 hours that follows a route through Malpas and the land to its east.

Download the pdf file for further clarity

You will find both kissing gates and stiles at the access points on this route.
Strong shoes are recommended.

malpas tour walk 3
A map showing the route of walk number 3

From the Cross, walk down Old Hall Street.
1 & 2. Pass the Lion (refurbished in 2020 and the old Smithy Garage, now demolished for the building of a new Co-op Convenience Store.

Turn left into Springfield Road and then turn right into Springfield Avenue.
Half way down Springfield Avenue turn right into the garages.
Access to the field is through a kissing gate situated between the two middle garages.

The names of the streets reflect this area's past, when it was the source of the water supply for the Town.

3. On leaving the estate, you will cross the Kilnfield.
When walking through all these fields, please follow the direction arrows on the posts and keep to the indicated "path".
Here you will be walking along the Marches Way.

4. At the Good Moors is an artificial pool and today's sewage works; this located on the site of the town's old waterworks system.
Pumps were installed in the 1830's to pump water up to a reservoir located under the Castle Mound.
All the work was paid for by the local landowners; the Cholmondeleys and the Drakes.

malpas from the good moors
A view of Malpas village from the Good Moors

Follow the narrow Cow track and then turn left towards the hill top.

Looking back from the top of the hill you will have a good view of the "old Lady" of town (St Oswald's Church) with her multi-colourful skirts of dwellings spreading out below her.

malpas from the good moors
A view from the Good Moors with St Oswald's Church dominating the landscape.

5. Continue downhill through two kissing gates to Bawbrook Lane and turn left.
An old drovers that connected Bradley Hall to Cross o' th' Hill can be seen on your left.

Just past The Lees Farm take the footpath to the left. Once in the field turn right.
Follow this path uphill to the Cross o' th' Hill.

6. A stone cross was recorded in this area in1465.

Through the kissing gate onto the road (Caution) and turn right. Cross the road once you are opposite the public footpath sign.
A stile takes you into the area known as Ebnal.
You will be crossing the fields to meet the main Chester to Malpas road.

Turn Left when you reach the road.
7. As you follow it back to the village, Bishop Heber High School is on your right.

bishop heber
A portrait of Bishop Heber

Bishop Heber, 1783 – 1826
"Reginald Heber was born in Malpas in 1783 at the Higher Rectory as his father was a rector in Malpas.
He was famous for writing well known hymns such as 'Holy, Holy, Holy.
He achieved his education at oxford and won many prizes and awards that led him to his high fame."
Heber became Bishop of Calcutta in 1823 and spent the last few years of his life there.
His only sermon preached in Malpas was his farewell one in St Oswald's Church.

8. A short detour to the right up Hollowood Road and down Oathills takes you past the Oathhills cottages .

9. The road continues on past the Victorian civil cemetery, opened by the burial board in 1870.
The Chapels clock, from the 1880s is by a local clockmaker, Arthur Callcott.

oathills houses
A picture of the Oathills Houses

Generosity knows no Bounds
Oathills cottages were built in 1884 by Joseph Lewis to address the lack of working class housing in the area.

Lewis was a farmer's son from Shropshire who had become a wealthy draper in London.
He only lived in Malpas for the last 10 years off his life, but contributed money for the new Alport School and the restoration of St Oswald's Church.

10. The new Alport School is on your right.

11. To see the old Alport School, built in 1745 from money left by Richard Alport of Overton in his will, turn right when you reach the High Street.
It is now a private house, but look out for the date of its founding and of its extensions recorded on the building.

malpas old alport school
A view of the Malpas old Alport School

Continuing Education
Richard Alport of Overton died in 1720, leaving £500 towards the establishing and the benefit of a charity school at Malpas for poor boys or girls of the parish.
His last wishes were finally granted in 1745 with the building of Alport School.
The original building housed only 14 boys.
An extension was added in 1815 (on the right as you look at the building) allowing girls to attend too.
Malpas Infant School was added as a wing in 1833.

By the 1880's the school roll had outgrown the buildings.
Joseph Lewis' donation of land and money enabled the new Alport School to be built, which provides primary school education in Malpas today.

12. Head back towards The Cross, passing Drake House and

13. The Old Fire Station which is now a cafe bar.

Look out for the building date and initials on the rainwater heads of Drake House.

14. Just before you reach the Cross, you will see the Victoria Jubilee Hall on your left.

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