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In 2010, to address some of the 42 actions in the Malpas 2007 plan, invitations were sent ourt to a number of local buinsess owners.

At this inaugural meeting in the Jubilee Hall, those present voted to support the formation of a local business association.

It was proposed that a committee of 6 members (3 Parish Councillors and 3 Business Owners) be nominated to draft some proposals and report back to a follow up meeting., where more businessess would be invited to attend.

Hennce Malpas Biznet was formed with a committee consisting of Parish Councillors, Pauline Plumb, Adrian Waddelove and Chris Whitehurst and Steve Farmer, (I7 tecnology) Tom Lewis, (Pharmigan Outfitters) and Charles Blake (Blue Loos)

The overall objective of the association was to connect some of the 450 local businesses with each other, enabling them to cut costs and boost the local economy through trading with each other whenever possible.

Successfully run for 5 years, the association was open to all businesses from one man bands to National compaines such as Barlows and PH Jones.
A Membership fee of £50 per year was established; this to cover the costs of room hire and speakers expenses and advertising.

Meetings with a very informal approach were arranged on a monthly basis.
These meetings included:
talks by successful business men such as Steve Morgan and Jerry Brunning
Business inprovement presentations
Cheshire West Council Rates advisory talks.

Despite having around a 100 members at one stage, after 5 years attendnace at meetings had started to drop off.

Following an extensive review of operations, the Committee determined that the association had run its course, achieveing all it had set out to do and more.

The final plan was to use the remaining funds to set up a 5 year businees advice partnership with the Bishop Heber High School, whereby pupils could bring their business ideas to the committee for assessment. The committee would then appoint a mentor and award a £600 grant to the individual to help "kick start" the business of their choice.

In the event, this never materialised with the school pulling out.
The remaining funds were then donated to Malpas and Tilston to pay for Christmas lights.

However, contact details of the local business memebers are still on file, perhaps waiting for Biznet to restart again.

As a side, if you as abuiness are promoting an event, looking for a particular business or service, need an employee then use the contact us page to drop us an e-mail to see if we can help.

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