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Below are snippets from the history and heritage of Malpas

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Church Street (2)

My name is now Malpas as you may know
I was born on Doomsday as Depenbech many centuries ago
I sit atop of the southern end of the Sandstone ridge
Overlooking the Dee Valley and the Sealand inverted Y Bridge
A hill top stop on Watling Street when Rome was strong
I became a fort to keep out the Welsh when the Normans came along.
I was once recognised by a King past as a....

Sunnyside houses

Malpas Parish Council was formed under the 1894 Local Government Act. Two years after the passing of the 1900 Housing of the Working Classes Act, the Parish Council decided to investigate the possibility of building twelve cottages. The original plan was to build these cottages on the Moss Lands The Council approached agents for Squire Drake and Lord Cholmondeley to enquire if there....

Malpas celebrates

Malpas History Magazine
As compiled by Malpas Field Club
The Malpas Field Club was founded in 1981, and is still very active today.It has evolved over the ensuing years, but in the early days of its existence, it had a number of sub-sections.One of these was a History Research Group, which in later years became independent of the Field Club....


Our new Village Boundary Signs
Based on an original painting by well-known artist Kenneth Rowntree
Back in the 1980's Malpas was twinned with the village of Questembert in Northern France, and a number of successful exchange visits took place. However, the twinning association has long since been dissolved, even though the existing village boundary signs were retained as....

Malpas Cheshires Town in the Marches

Malpas: Cheshire's Town in the Marches
A concise and well illustrated general history of Malpas, written for both local residents and visitors to the town. It covers the days from when the Roman road, now Malpas High Street, came down from Hadrian's Wall, through Chester and Whitchurch and on to Kent; through the Norman invasion of 1066 and the establishment of Malpas as....

Malpas Village

The following publications are still in print and may be purchased directly from:David Hayns, Stoke Cottage, Church Street, Malpas, Cheshire SY14 8PDEmail: davidhayns.123@btinternet.com Tel: 01948 860486Cheques payable to 'David Hayns' please.If ordering by post, please add postage (UK only) as follows: For....


Tales of Old Malpas
Download the pdf file to read the tales.
Read to Malpas Supper Club on 25th October 2018 and Malpas Community Land Trust AGM on 25th....

Clayhole Croft (2)

Clayhole Croft History
Have you ever wondered what the little piece of overgrown land is just below the Malpas Sports Club Ground on Wrexham Road.There is some interesting history attached to this triangular piece of land. Records indicate that the land started life as a clay hole and opposite used to stand a pair of timber-framed cottages, known as 'Clayhole Cottages', which....

Celia Fiennes

Celia's Story set in Stone.
The Celia Fiennes Waymark in Back Lane, No Mans Heath, which has become known locally as 'The Monument', was unveiled on a very cold, wet and windy day in December 1998. It was commissioned to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the 'Great Journey' undertaken by a remarkable lady who, in the reign of William and Mary, travelled....

The Victoria Jubilee Hall

Buildings and Architecture— A guide to some of the buildings of Malpas. The Old Alport School House
Richard Alport of Overton Hall left money to fund a charity school, which was built on Tilston Road in 1745, to educate the poor of Malpas in the "religious principles of the established church". The original Alport School, opened as a Bluecoat....

Tent logo

Malpas Fairs Malpas Fairs have been held in Malpas for over 700 years. In 1281 King Edward 1st granted a charter to "Philip Burnel and to Isabel, his wife that they and their heirs shall have for ever a weekly market on Mondays at their manor of Maupus... and a fair in the same place to last for three days each year."The fairs mainly for buying and....

higher-wych Church

Now formally closed the church at Higher Wych, in south West Cheshire, close to the border of Shropshire and only metres away from Wales remains standing. The Methodist Church was built in 1879, having existed as a Society in various homes since 1814. When operating there were strong links with Bradley Congregational Chapel on....

hand pump

WATER SUPPLY FOR MALPAS— Sitting on top of a hill, the town of Malpas is not best placed for a water supply. However, there has long been a number of wells around the town and by the eighteenth century some of them had been fitted with hand pumps. In 1737 Thomas Parbutt was paid two shillings (10p) by the Malpas Highway Surveyors 'for cleansing the well' and in 1765 they....


Did you know that once upon a time you could pass either side of the Cross? The first picture is obviously from a sketch so it could perhaps be deemed as artistic licence. Picture 2 is a photograph. This would seemingly suggesting that the highway went both sides of the Cross.However, it was an area where the market was held in the village, and the area was....