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Publications by David Hayns about the history of the Malpas area

The following publications are still in print and may be purchased directly from:
David Hayns, Stoke Cottage, Church Street, Malpas, Cheshire SY14 8PD
Email: Tel: 01948 860486

Cheques payable to 'David Hayns' please.

If ordering by post, please add postage (UK only) as follows: For one publication add £1.50; for two publications add £2.00; for three publications add £2.50.

For four or more publications, on the same order, postage is free.

David has been researching the history of Malpas and south Cheshire for over fifty years.

He has published many articles in national and local journals, magazines and newspapers, and given numerous talks to national and local organisations.

From 1982 to 1985 he was employed as the first National Field Officer of the British Association for Local History.


The Jubilee Hall 1887-1987

Using research into the original Malpas Victoria Jubilee Hall Management Committee minute books, local newspapers, other local records and information from some local individuals, this booklet begins with an account of the foundation of the Malpas Victoria Jubilee Hall, as a permanent memorial to mark the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's reign. It then reviews the many and varied activities that have taken place in the hall, including the part it played during both the World Wars, up to 1987, when it was published to mark the Jubilee Hall's Centenary.


Alport, Cholmondeley and Dod for the King: Malpas during the Civil Wars

An account of the way in which the Civil Wars of the 17th century affected Malpas and the surrounding area. It describes key events such as the use of Saint Oswald's church as a dormitory for Parliamentarian troops from Nantwich; the plunder by them of the saltworks in Wigland; the assault on Cholmondeley House; the hangings at Gallantry Bank, Bickerton; and the Battle of Oldcastle in 1644. Also included is the story of Richard Alport of Overton Hall, his imprisonment as a debtor in London's Fleet prison, his marriage to Susan Verney from Buckinghamshire and their eventual return to a plundered and ruined Overton Hall. The final section recounts some of the sufferings experienced by the local populace, as side effects of the war.

PUBLISHED 1992 -- PRICE: £2.00

Malpas and the Great War 1914-1918

Published in 1993 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Armistice. The book tells of the way in which Malpas reacted to the outbreak of war in August 1914; the establishment of a voluntary Red Cross hospital for wounded troops; the welcome extended to two families of Belgian refugees; the many local schemes to support the 'war effort'; local recruiting for the armed forces; wartime farming, including the arrival of the first 'Land Girls'; social life both during and immediately after the war; the devastation caused at the end of the war by the Spanish influenza epidemic; the gradual return home of local servicemen; the return to 'normal' life after the war; and the dedication of the Malpas war memorial in the churchyard, in 1920.

PUBLISHED 1993 -- PRICE £3.50

Richard Alport's Charity Children: The story of the Malpas Alport School: Part One 1745-1903

This was published in 1995 to mark the 250th anniversary of the Alport School's foundation. It is based on research into the school's logbooks, local newspapers, and a range of other local records and publications. The book takes the story up to 1903, the year in which the school ceased to be a voluntarily run charity foundation (originally a 'Blue Coat' school) and became subject to the control of the newly established Cheshire Local Education Authority, following the 1902 Education Act.

PUBLISHED 1995 -- PRICE £2.50

Malpas and the Home Front 1939-1945: Wartime life in a small Cheshire town

Published in 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War 2. It is based on interviews with twenty-five individuals who lived in Malpas during the war, backed up with extensive research into newspapers and into records in the National and Cheshire archives. Subjects covered include the effects on the town of the outbreak of war, including reception and housing of evacuees from Liverpool and London; church, chapel and school life during the war; wartime farming, including the contributions of the Women's Land Army and prisoners-of-war; support for the war effort, including the Women's Institute Fruit Preservation Centre; local fund-raising such as 'Spitfire' and 'Salute the Soldier' weeks; the Home Guard; Czechs, Poles and Americans on the streets of the town; and the return home of service women and men after the war. An appendix provides details of the nineteen men commemorated on the Malpas war memorial.

PUBLISHED 2005 -- £5.00

A Malpas Miscellany: Articles and Poems about a Cheshire community

This is an anthology of articles on many aspects of the history of Malpas and its surrounding area, together with some pieces of local verse discovered in books, local newspapers and periodicals. The varied selection of topics includes the Malpas 'Diploma', now in the British Museum Roman section; the local fire service, from 1831 to the present day; Malpas at times of international conflict; churches and chapels in the town; philanthropic, charity and affordable housing; and music and drama in Malpas during the 1940s and 1950s.

PUBLISHED 2017 -- £5.00

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