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Malpas Miscellany No.2

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Malpas Miscellany No.2

This booklet covers:

  • Malpas Fairs and Markets
  • The story of our water supply
  • Why 'Gallantry' Bank?
  • The Civil Wars and the founding of the Alport School
  • A Serpent in the Gallery!
  • Richard Minshull, the Jacobites and 'The Cycle'
  • Naughty Noupes, Rascally Rooks and Pesky Pigeons
  • 'Tons', 'leys' and townships: The beginnings of our parish
  • Who's buried in Saint Oswald's?
  • The Empress and Sir Watkin
  • 'Many a slip': Malpas Ladies' Hockey in 1901

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