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Alport, Cholmondeley and Dod for the King

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Alport, Cholmondeley and Dod for the King:

Malpas during the Civil Wars

An account of the way in which the Civil Wars of the 17th century affected Malpas and the surrounding area.

This book describes key events such as:

  • the use of Saint Oswald's church as a dormitory for Parliamentarian troops from Nantwich;
  • the plunder by them of the saltworks in Wigland;
  • the assault on Cholmondeley House;
  • the hangings at Gallantry Bank, Bickerton;
  • the Battle of Oldcastle in 1644.

Also included is the story of Richard Alport of Overton Hall, his imprisonment as a debtor in London's Fleet prison, his marriage to Susan Verney from Buckinghamshire and their eventual return to a plundered and ruined Overton Hall.

The final section recounts some of the sufferings experienced by the local populace, as side effects of the war.

PUBLISHED 1992 by David Hayns – PRICE: £2.00

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