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History of Governance in Malpas

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1894 to 1936

There has been a Parish Council in Malpas since Parish Councils were formed in 1894.

Prior to that, aspects of the Town were managed through Vestry Meetings, held in St Oswald's Church. They ruled on a mixture of both Church and community issues.

Malpas also had a Rural District Council (RDC).
The district was named after the town of Malpas.
Malpas Rural District Council were responsible for building a number of houses in the local area.
Examples can be seen at Sunnyside and on Well Avenue

1936 to 1974

In 1936 the boundaries of the rural districts were substantially altered under a Cheshire County review order.
Tarvin RDC lost large parts to Chester RDC, but also absorbed most of the disbanded Malpas Rural District.

The following parishes which made up the Malpas Rural District were moved under the managment of Tarvin RDC.

  • Agden
  • Bickley
  • Bradley
  • Chidlow
  • Chorlton
  • Cuddington
  • Duckington
  • Edge
  • Hampton
  • Larkton
  • Macefen
  • Malpas
  • Newton by Malpas
  • Oldcastle
  • Overton
  • Stockton
  • Threapwood
  • Tushingham cum Grindley
  • Wigland
  • Wychough

This constituted some 16,712 acres (67.63 km2) in all.

1974 – 2009

In 1974 Tarvin RDC was merged in with Chester District Council which soon afterwards changed its name to Chester City Council

2009 – Present

Chester City Council was merged with Vale Royal and Ellesmere Port & Neston Councils to form Cheshire West & Chester Council.


Following a governace review, the old parishes of, Newton by Malpas, Oldcastle, Overton, Stockton, Wychough and parts of Bradley and NoMansHeath were merged into the Malpas Parish.

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