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Lanceley Court

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Lanceley Court

Is a development of 22 houses and exists as a cul-de-sac off Well Street, and is built over land that was at the rear of Holly House.

pet shop amp holly house
The old Pet Shop and Holly House

The left-hand side of this detached property (listed Grade 2) had its cast-iron shop front added around 1900, when it was Vipon's shoe shop. It has changed use a few times since 1900, having been in the mid to late 20th century the chemist's shop and pharmacy owned by Mr Horrox and until recently was occupied by the Pet Stop.

The property probably dates originally from the mid-18th century or earlier, having been re-cased in the mid-19th century.

Until around the 1970s Holly House, the right-hand property, had been the home and surgery of one of the two Malpas veterinary practices. It was run latterly by Mr Pollock and Mr Peter Robinson.

After it had closed, Mr Robinson joined the other practice (founded in 1939), which now runs the Hampton Veterinary Centre.

Holly House had been a vet's since the late 19th century when the practice belonged to George Lanceley.

The Lanceleys then were prominent members of Malpas Congregational Church and at least two of them set out to be missionaries for the London Missionary Society, in what was then known as the Congo region. George, possibly George the vet's son, died there in 1882.

Martha Lanceley travelled to the Congo in 1892, but it seems that she may have been drowned on the way out when her ship was caught in a storm in the Bay of Biscay.

Lanceley Court is named after the Lanceley Family

Article produced and published by Chris Whitehurst 7th January 2024
Information researched by David Hayns

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