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Access to vaccination for Community Volunteers and Charity workers.

8th February 2021 @ 2:02pm – by Webteam
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Access to vaccination for Community Volunteers and Charity workers.

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We have been working hard to prioritise organisations and individuals who are eligible for a vaccination as frontline health and social care workers (as defined within the Chapter 14a of the Green Book) to offer a vaccination.

Volunteers performing frontline health and social care roles are included within the priority groups for the vaccination programme
Some charities will have staff and volunteers who are defined as 'frontline health and social care workers.' The JCVI define this group as:

Those directly working with people clinically vulnerable to covid-19 who need care and support. Irrespective of:
-where they work (for example in people's own homes, day centres, care homes for working age adults or supported housing). If the service is currently closed due to lockdown rules you will not be eligible for a vaccine
-whether they care for clinically vulnerable adults or children (this does not include caring for their own family members in their own homes following lockdown rules)
-who they are employed by (for example local government, NHS, private sector or the voluntary sector)

We recognise that a number of volunteers active in the community may be eligible in line with definition and we are keen to ensure we prioritise these groups. Some groups will have already been identified and been offered or received a vaccination.
Significant progress has been made with this but, if you believe, you, your organisation or some specific members of your organisations may be eligible as a frontline health and social care worker and you have not received communication from us, please contact us here:

This email address is for enquires relating to access to vaccines for health and social care staff only.

Cheshire Clinical Commissioning group (CCG) Mass vaccination PMO.

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