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Hands, Face, Space for Malpas

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The UK government is looking to relax the Covid19 restrictions over the Christmas period; this to give us the opportunity to enjoy a normal Christmas break

To do this the number of new confirmed cases of the virus needs to be shown to be reducing.

In West Cheshire, confirmed cases had recently reached a plateau, and the numbers of new cases was expected to fall as we move towards the 2nd December.
However the indication is that Cheshire West Council are not seeing the expected fall at this time and in fact the numbers across the county have increased.

Turning to the Malpas Ward, we have slightly better news. Since 1st March the Malpas Ward has only seen 51 confirmed cases of the virus. This is lowest figure for any of the 70 West Cheshire Wards.

However, there is some evidence that new cases in the ward are increasing.
Between 1st November and 17th November we have 12 new confirmed cases.

Malpas Community links would urge everyone in our community to play their part and stick to rules so we can maintain our number one performance record.

Hands, Face, Space will keep us all safe.

See attached link for an up to date view of the ward.

Malpas Ward Map

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