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West Cheshire Self and Custom Build Register

The Self Build and Custom House building Act 2015 requires the Council to keep a register of eligible individuals and groups who wish to self-build.

The act also requires the Council to grant sufficient suitable planning permissions for serviced plots within the borough to meet the overall level of demand on the register.

Cheshire West and Chester launched its register to assess demand for self and custom building in January 2016, asking potential self-builders to complete a questionnaire on the type of project they are interested in.

A review of the interest and permissions granted to date can be viewed using the link below:
Custom and Self-Build Progress

Whilst there are many variations on self-build, essentially there are three main options in Cheshire West and Chester:

  • Community self-build schemes to provide low cost market or affordable housing for local households, particularly in rural areas for small developments. A Community Land Trust (CLT) would purchase the land, obtain planning permission and manage the project.
  • Serviced Plots will provide the main delivery tool to meet the Self Build and Custom House Building Act; sites will be identified according to the demand identified through the self-build register.
  • Self-finish affordable housing schemes or "sweat equity schemes" where occupants are offered a discounted shared ownership or reduced rent according to the level of finishing off they undertake.

If you are considering undertaking a custom build project, please use the link below and complete the questionnaire to go on the Cheshire West and Chester Custom and Self-Build Register – it is free! Custom and Self-Build Register Application Form

Frequently asked Questions
If I go on the Custom and Self Build Register will the Council find me a plot?
No. The Council does not have a duty to match individuals/groups to specific plots or granted planning permissions.

How can I search for available plots of land?
There are a number of ways that you can find information about land available for sale in the borough, as well as plots of land that benefit from a current planning permission for a new house.
For example, property search websites such as My Plot, Rightmove and Zoopla are useful tools to help you research the cost and availability of land for sale in the borough.

There are also dedicated resources that can help you to search for self-build plots.
For example websites such as Plot Finder, and Plot Browser.

Where can I find information about suitable planning permissions?
Information can be downloaded using the following link:
Custom and Self-Build Planning Applications

Go to the "Supporting Documents tab found in the table at the bottom of the page to access the Permissions Data Excel file, which is a list of all the planning applications approved for one dwelling (and where relevant, larger proposals where self-build is specified) in each year (31 October – 30 October).

The planning application reference can be used to find further details about individual permissions using the planning search tool on the Council's website.

Please note, these permissions are often applied for and implemented by the applicant and / or landowner and are therefore not available for purchase.

Who can I contact to ask questions about self-build?
If you have any questions about completing the self-build and custom house building register, would like assistance with any part of the registration process, or have a general enquiry please contact the Planning Policy team at:

If you are part of a group who wish to undertake a custom build housing scheme, please visit Cheshire Community Homes for further information on developing a community led housing scheme and accessing funding.

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