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Most vehicle crime is opportunistic and therefore preventable.

By following some straight forward advice we can ensure that this type of crime keeps falling.

Don't leave valuables such as CDs, pen drives, sat navigation systems, laptops, handbags and mobile phones on show – even if you think the item isn't of any particular value, someone else might think differently.

Don't leave coats or clothing visible.

Their pockets may be empty but someone looking through the window won't know that.
Make sure your car is locked and all windows, doors, boot and sunroof are closed properly.

Active all security devices, alarms, immobilisers, etc. when left unattended.

Always park your car in a safe, well -lit place.

Use a garage if you have one and consider fitting extra locks or an electronic garage door.

If you park your car on your drive, consider fitting substantial locking gates or security posts.

Never leave your keys in any place within your home that could be reached through the letterbox on your front door with the aid of a hook on a cane or any other device.

Never leave keys in the ignition and doors unlocked when your car is unattended, even if it is only for a couple of minutes, whether the vehicle is sitting on your driveway or on the roadside.

Allow an extra few minutes to defrost and stay with the vehicle while it warms up.

Alternatively, use a de-icer spray and windscreen scraper to clear your windows and lights.

Always ensure your view is completely clear before moving off.

In a situation where a driver has left a vehicle unattended, insurers mat argue that reasonable care has not been taken.

This invalidates an insurance claim.

Victims are then faces with the loss of their vehicle with no means of replacement, even though they are fully insured..

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