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Whilst Cheshire is a very safe place to live, work and visit there are occasions when unscrupulous people commit crime which are often undertaken when a criminal sees an opportunity.

There are simple measures you can take to reduce risk of becoming a victim of crime which help to keep both you, your family and the rural community safe.

What can I do to prevent myself becoming a victim of crime?

Lock and deadbolt external doors in your home, outbuildings and gates-Use motion sensors and security lighting at night.

  • Ensure shrubs and plants are kept trimmed to allow full visibility around your property.
  • Visibly mark serial numbers on tools, equipment and vehicles.
  • Mark your property using forensic type property products such as Selecta DNA, and use appropriate signage to advertise this.
  • Never leave keys in vehicles, agricultural plant or other equipment.
  • Ensure your vehicles are locked and secure when not in use. Farm vehicles can be particular vulnerable to theft.
  • Keep outdoor storage areas neat and well organised so any theft will be immediately noticed.
  • Register your personal items of value on a free on-line database such as

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