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Most people that call on you at home will be honest and genuine in their purpose and needs, but on the odd occasion somebody will turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking their way into your house.

Distraction burglars will often distract you at the front door whilst another will sneak into your property by the back. Rarely do people pop round unexpectedly anymore.

If the gas board calls to read the meter they will likely phone ahead or leave a card.

Bogus work people may attend and claim that they are there to check on water or gas and some offer to repair your roof.

Some call at properties and offer tarmacking or to clean your blocked paving and to cut trees down and if allowed into your property some may use the opportunity to steal from you.

If you choose to have work done, never pay the work up front in cash.

Victims usually find that they have had money or possessions stolen from inside their home and in many instances only realise they have been duped at some time after the crime has been committed.

So when the doorbell rings, always first check who it is before deciding whether to answer it.

Use a spy-hole in the door or peep through a window to check who is at your door.

If you are unsure open the front door with a chain fastened. If the person at the door claims to be an official, a salesman, or a tradesman then don't be afraid of asking them questions to prove their identity.

If they claim to be from a company then the company name and contact the company to confirm their visit. Never use a number the caller provides you with.

  • Check their ID or paperwork
  • Always ensure your back door is looked when answering the front door
  • Never keep large amounts of money in the house
  • Keep keys in a safe place hidden from view
  • Hide valuables away or in a safe.
  • Keep out of sight any documents displaying personal details

If you are suspicious then don't hesitate and contact the police on 101 or in an emergency 999.

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