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Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a relatively new approach to housing in the UK.

One reason why CLTs are set up, is to provide long term housing for people where they live or work, even when market rate houses are beyond their financial means.
However, they can also be used to manage a wide variety of assets that the community values.

What does this mean for us?

Here in the Malpas Ward, the Malpas and District CLT was started to provide affordable housing and community amenities for the benefit of all residents in the ward.

Our long term objective is to offer homes for rent to local people or people who work in Malpas and the surrounding areas, and who wouldn't otherwise be able to live in the community where they have strong local links through family, residency or employment.

Our properties would be owned 'in perpetuity' (forever) by the trust, on behalf of the community and be administered by a board of trustees elected by members of the trust, and who would be accountable to members.
The trust will operate as a not for profit organisation.

To date, the Trust has some 78 local members. Membership is open to all residents of the ward, at a lifetime fee of £1.00.
We welcome new members, who benefit from an equal say of one vote in what the trust does.

For further information and a membership form, contact Paul at

If you care for your community please join us today!

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