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Ladies Choir

Welcome to One Accord

Formerly known as Malpas Ladies Choir.

There has been a Ladies choir in Malpas for over 40 years. The choir was initially started in 1970 by the WI, regularly taking part in WI competitions and singing at many events in the chapels and churches in the area.
Although the WI in Malpas ended in 1995 the choir continued to go from strength to strength and became known as Malpas Ladies Choir.
Today the choir is flourishing under our accomplished Musical Director Stephen Roberts.
The choir is run by a committee of elected members who meet on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of the choir.

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About the choir
We are a group of 40 members of all ages who enjoy singing a wide variety of music.
Whilst previous experience of singing in a choir and the ability to sight read music would be an advantage, these skills are not essential.

Enthusiasm, the ability to sing in tune and being prepared to work together with the group enjoying the preparation and performance of our three to four annual concerts is as important.

Membership is open to anyone (subject to vacancies). Only a simple voice test is required to ascertain vocal range. On joining the choir you will be issued with copies of music for the current season. This remains the property of the Malpas Ladies Choir and must be returned to the Music Librarian should you decide to leave.

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